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eSports & Online Gaming platform – Decentralized games, Sports Betting and Casino using blockchain, smart contracts + Provably Fair

AstorGame is changing the eSports and betting world with an eSport and online gaming platform, developed using cutting-edge technology on which, in accordance with user's profile, can choose between gaming and betting. If you are an eSports player, you can use the eSports platform to take part in matches and tournaments of games such as League of Legends, FIFA 17, Dota 2, Counter-Strike, Playerunknown's Battlegrounds and Halo, among many others that will be added over time. If you prefer to place bets on events or tournaments, eSports, sports, casino games, or games of chance, then can sign into the betting platform, casino, or lottery developed specifically for this specific client profile.


Security and Smart Contracts

These two concepts are the foundation of the change that we at AstorGame are planning for the gaming and betting sector. At all times, the funds paid in by AstorGame’s players will be protected by a smart contract, which is to say that if there are, between players and bettors, ten thousand users on the web platform and it is attacked or, for some reason, goes offline, the funds will automatically be returned to their respective owners by means of the smart contracts.

The platform will enable entries to be recorded on a blockchain and allow for the utilization of intelligent contracts to manage the logic of the business, schedule prize payments, collect payments for tickets, bets, and drawings, and schedule tournaments and outcomes. All of this data is public and can be verified at any time.


Provably Fair

Casino bettors and lottery players have often felt unsure about whether the house was cheating them by manipulating the outcome. At AstorGame, we use various technologies to solve this problem. One of these, Provably Fair, enables the client to verify that each game played follows the rules and that values have not been changed by a third party in order to put them at a disadvantage.

Currently, encryption technologies are a big help in coding a string of values, be they numbers, text, or alphanumeric, thus preventing anyone from “cracking” the outcome and changing it. An encrypted value will be acquired from the user’s browser that will not be known to AstorGame’s server.


Smart Contracts + Provably Fair

It is possible that Provably Fair is already being used in some online casinos, but no online casino offers both of these applied technologies on the same platform. The use of Provably Fair and CSRNG, which generates numbers randomly, does not guarantee that a casino will deliver the prizes in a legal manner or that the funds corresponding to this pot will not disappear. It is here that smart contracts become more important, since they can be programmed so that the pot of a bet will be retained until it is known whether the user has won the bet. If the user wins, there is no way for the owner of the casino to keep the pot or to delay payment, as happens in many gaming houses, That’s why we at AstorGame are the first to combine both platforms for the benefit of our clients.

Use of Astor Token

Astor Tokens can be used to place bets online. Who bets with Astor token will get benefits.

The bettors can place their bets and receive payments in Astor obtaining points and discounts on the platform. They can exchange the Astor for another currency if they wish.

Users can buy products and accessories on the Astorgame platform. Products as games and accessories can be T-shirts of a specific team, skins or virtual guns, the amount of products and accessories will be expanded.

In Streaming. Esports players will receive payments in Astor while they play and / or transmitting the video. If they have a certain number of spectators, for example, from 10 spectators onwards player will receive winnings, of course who has 1000 spectators will receive a higher payment.

The developers of particular games will be able to sell their games on the platform of Astorgame that will act as "Google play" but it will be much more open and without restrictions. • Payments for products will be instant and recorded in a public block chain. Games of a certain developer will be registered with their authorship, and the profit from the sale of this game will be distributed to its creator, the platform will charge only the minimum amount of fees that the currency used will be Astor, which can be exchanged to any other currency.

Someone who does not belong to the world of games and wants to take advantage of the Astor Token, he can buy them and just hold for receive annual dividends.



Token details

A total of 100,000,000 Astor tokens will be issued without any additional tokens. These ERC20 compatible tokens based on the Ethereum blockchain.
Token name: ASTOR
Project protocol: ERC20
Total amount: 100,000,000 = 100%
Token Sale: 60,000,000 = 60%
Pre-sale: 17,000,000 = 17%
Start date (Pre-Sale): 10 Jan 2018
Amount of tokens per person: unlimited
Additional tokens emission: impossible
Currency accepted:
No token creation, minting or mining after the Token Sale is over. Unused and unsold tokens will be burned.


Pre-sale period: 14 days
Start date: 10 Jan 2018 00:00 UTC
End date: 23 Jan 2018 (or until sold out)
Available tokens on Pre-sale: 17,000,000
Price: 1 ASTOR = 1$ USD
Min transaction amount: 1 ASTOR
Bonus :

Week 1 : 70% (buy 100 ASTOR = receive 170 ASTOR)

Week 2 : 60% (buy 100 ASTOR = receive 160 ASTOR)

Token Sale details

Token Sale period: 90 days
Start date: 29 Jan 2018 00.00 UTC
End date: 29 Apr 2018 (or until sold out)
Available tokens on Token Sale: 60,000,000
Price: 1 ASTOR = 1$ USD
Min transaction amount: 1 ASTOR
Bonus : updated 18/01/2018

Weeks 1 & 2 : 40% (buy 100 ASTOR = receive 140 ASTOR)

Weeks 3 & 4 : 20% (buy 100 ASTOR = receive 120 ASTOR)

Weeks 5 & 6 : 10% (buy 100 ASTOR = receive 110 ASTOR)

Astor Token Sale

Token Distribution


Funds Usage


Our Team


Mark Snizhinsky

CEO & Founder,

Jiyun Kim

eSports Gaming events & music experience

Jhonny Cuevas

Sr. Director of Technology,

Natalia Snegynskaya

Front End Developer

Yuriana Lopez

PR manager

In Media

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