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eSports & Online Gaming platform – Decentralized Games, Sports Betting and Casino using blockchain, Smart Contracts + Provably Fair

AstorGame is changing the eSports and betting world with a brand new eSports and online gaming platform based on cutting-edge technology, where users are provided with a choice between gaming and betting. If you are an eSports player, you can use the eSports platform to take part in matches and tournaments at games such as League of Legends, FIFA 17, Dota2, Counter-Strike, Playerunknown's Battlegrounds and Halo, among many others that will be added over time. And if you prefer to place bets on events or tournaments, eSports, sports, casino games, or games of chance, then you can instead sign into the platform dedicated to betting, casino, or lottery developed specifically for this type of client profile.


Security and Smart Contracts

These two concepts are the foundation of change that we at AstorGame introduce to the gaming and betting sector. At all times, the funds brought in by AstorGames’ players will be protected by a smart contract. Smart Contract turns the prize distribution into a fixed algorithm, automatically initiating a transaction when the game is over - like a perfect vending machine, completely removing the middleman. And if the platform is attacked or, for some reason, goes offline, the funds brought in by the users will be automatically returned to their respective owners.

The platform will enable all entries to be recorded ona blockchain, and also apply automated algorithm-based contracts to manage the logic of the business: mainly, to schedule prize payments, tournaments and outcomes, and to collect payments for tickets, bets, and drawings. All of this data will remain public and accessible for verification at any time.


Provably Fair

Casino gamblers, bettors and lottery players often feel unsure about whether the house is playing fair, or whether it’s tricking them by manipulating the outcome. Here at AstorGame, we use various technologies to solve this problem. One of them, Provably Fair, enables the client to check and make sure that each game is played by the rules and that values have not been altered by a third party in order to place them at a disadvantage.

Such encryption technologies help to protect the data by coding strings of values, be they numbers, text, or alphanumeric, thus preventing anyone from “cracking” the outcome and changing it. An encrypted value will be drawn from the user’s browser that will remain unknown to AstorGames’ server.


Smart Contracts + Provably Fair

Surely, Provably Fair is already being used in some online casinos; but no online casino offers both of these technologies applied on the same platform. The use of Provably Fair and CSRNG, while generating numbers randomly and protecting the outcome from intruders, does not guarantee that the casino will deliver all winnings and prizes in a legal manner, or that the funds brought by the gambler into a particular pot will not disappear. It is at this point that Smart Contracts become more important, since they can be programmed so that the pot will be retained until it is known whether the user has won the bet. If the user wins, there is no way for the owner of the casino to keep the pot or to delay payment, as it happens in many gaming houses. That’s why we at AstorGame are proud to be the first to combine both technologies, offering our clients safety, transparency and confidence where these indeed must be the top three priorities.

Use of Astor Token

Astor Tokens can be used as an inside currency – to place bets on our platform. Players who choose to bet with Astor Tokens will get benefits.

Using Astor to place bets and buy various products, players can obtain points and discounts on the platform. Players can also exchange Astor Tokens for another currency if they wish.

AstorGame platform also provides users with an online-store for themed products and accessories. Aside from games, it could be T-shirts of specific teams, skins or virtual guns. We’ll gradually expand the variety of products and accessories available.

We actively encourage streaming, as it is a great way of attracting larger audiences. eSports players will receive rewards in Astor for transmitting the gaming process in real time. The reward will depend on the number of viewers, with a fixed price for a particular number ofviewers per streaming. Therefore, a streamer who has 1000 viewers would receive a payment 100 times higher than that of the streamer who has only managed to attract 10.

Developers of particular games can choose to sell access to their products on the AstorGame platform. It will function in a way similar to Google Play service, if only more open and with significantly fewer restrictions. All transactions will be automated and instantly recorded in blockchain, with all records remaining available for access. Games of a certain developer will be registered with their authorship, and the profit from product sales will be distributed in favor of the developer, while the platform will charge only a minimal fee.

Someone who does not belong in the world of games can still draw advantage from the Astor Token – by turning it into a long-term investment. You can buy some and either hold to eventually start receiving annual dividends, or wait until it grows in value and sell it.



Token details

A total of 100,000,000 Astor tokens will be issued without any additional tokens. These ERC20 compatible tokens based on the Ethereum blockchain.
Token name: ASTOR
Project protocol: ERC20
Total amount: 100,000,000 = 100%
Token Sale: 60,000,000 = 60%
Pre-sale: 17,000,000 = 17%
Start date (Pre-Sale): 10 Jan 2018
Amount of tokens per person: unlimited
Additional tokens emission: impossible
Currency accepted:
No token creation, minting or mining after the Token Sale is over. Unused and unsold tokens will be burned.


Pre-sale period: 14 days
Start date: 10 Jan 2018 00:00 UTC
End date: 23 Jan 2018 (or until sold out)
Available tokens on Pre-sale: 17,000,000
Price: 1 ASTOR = 1$ USD
Min transaction amount: 1 ASTOR
Pre-Sale : Completed

Token Sale details

Token Sale period: 90 days
Start date: 29 Jan 2018 00.00 UTC
End date: 29 Apr 2018 (or until sold out)
Available tokens on Token Sale: 60,000,000
Price: 1 ASTOR = 1$ USD
Min transaction amount: 1 ASTOR
Bonus : updated 18/01/2018

Weeks 1 & 2 : 40% (buy 100 ASTOR = receive 140 ASTOR)

Weeks 3 & 4 : 20% (buy 100 ASTOR = receive 120 ASTOR)

Weeks 5 & 6 : 10% (buy 100 ASTOR = receive 110 ASTOR)

Contract Address Astor token

Token Contract Address: 0x63C94B6221B4021b564F4563ec72688655b2604A

Token Symbol: ASTOR

Decimals: 3

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Mark Snizhinsky

CEO & Founder,

Jiyun Kim

eSports Gaming events & music experience

Jhonny Cuevas

Sr. Director of Technology,

Natalia Snegynskaya

Front End Developer

Carmen Gomez

Systems Analyst,

Eduardo Marcano

Systems Engineer


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